Get motivated.  Anywhere.  Anytime.

As a motivator in the speaking industry, my job is to inspire and encourage people to reach their full potential. But behind every great speech or workshop, there's a lot of hard work and preparation that goes on behind the scenes. This is where technology comes in, particularly open-source tech.

Open-source tech is software that is freely available to anyone to use, modify, and distribute. It's a collaborative approach to technology that encourages innovation and creativity. As a motivator, I use open-source tech to help me streamline my work and connect with my audience in new and exciting ways.

One way that I use open-source tech is by creating interactive presentations using tools like Prezi and Slideshare. These platforms allow me to incorporate multimedia elements like videos, images, and animations, which help to keep my audience engaged and interested. With open-source tech, I can also share my presentations online, which makes them accessible to a wider audience.

Another way that I use open-source tech is by using social media to connect with my followers. I use platforms like Twitter and Instagram to share inspirational quotes, tips, and strategies for personal growth. These platforms also allow me to engage with my audience and build a community around my message.

Open-source tech has also helped me to manage my business more efficiently. I use tools like Trello and Google Docs to collaborate with my team and stay organized. These tools allow us to work together in real-time, no matter where we are in the world.

As a motivator, my goal is to inspire and empower others to reach their full potential. Open-source tech has helped me to do just that. By using innovative tools and platforms, I can connect with my audience in new and exciting ways, and share my message with a wider audience. So if you're looking for a behind-the-scenes motivator, look no further than open-source tech. It just might be the key to your success!