We’ve all been there.  We blow through half the day dealing with administrative tasks all too often.  Dealing with little things like paying bills, shipping, whittling away at our e-mail inbox, or even just waiting on the phone for somebody.

It’s not hard for me to imagine some of the ways that my own personal assistant could help me in my life, but unfortunately this idea is out of reach for most, myself included.  Dedicated secretaries, PAs, and other administrators are expensive.

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Your good administrator is one that saves your company money! Mika Baumeister / Unsplash

What if there were a way to bring down this cost while still allowing small business owners to maintain an appropriate level of service and livelihood.

Before diving into ultimate profitability and affordability, and determining what the right cost is for what you are getting, let’s ask ourselves one of the most fundamental questions:  What does it mean to add value as an administrator?

Taking a few words from Indeed, An Administrator, or Administrative Assistant, performs clerical duties to help an office run smoothly and efficiently. Their duties include answering phone calls and emails, greeting and directing office visitors to designated meeting areas and building spreadsheets or presentations for leadership staff.

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Administrators are doers! Jean-Louis Paulin / Unsplash

Typical duties might include:

  • Manage data in spreadsheets and reports
  • Keep records and reports up to date
  • Help maintain the budget plan
  • Organize and schedule meetings and events
  • Supervise other staff and delegate responsibilities
  • Handle technical issues in their area of expertise
  • Carry out clerical duties, including answering phones and preparing documents

That’s a lot of stuff!  We’re talking full-time job kind of stuff.  If we provided all that then we’d pretty much be a headhunter or recruitment agency, which we’re not.  So what are we?

Administration A-Z. Starting with our core beliefs.

We Grease the Wheels of Administration through Open-Source Technology

We define our technology and guiding principles based on the “5 A’s,” which stand for accessibility, acuity, affordability, amiability, and attentiveness.

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It's not always smooth sailing but that's boring! The Nigmatic / Unsplash

Accessibility refers to providing equal opportunities to entrepreneurs to run their own You-as-a-Service as well as the service itself being accessible on the devices you’re most familiar and comfortable with (SMS, e-mail, voice, app).

Acuity refers to the knowledge and expertise that our Administrators have.

Affordability refers both to the cost of the service we provide but also to the service itself.  The staff at Administrators.Live seeks to save you money on the things that you or your business needs in the area of Administration.

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Oh the money to be saved by going open-source! Andre Taissin / Unsplash

Amiability refers of course to our mission to always be pleasant and friendly. Our customers mean the world to us, YOU mean the world to us. Thanks for crossing our path!

Attentiveness refers to our ability to be responsive.  Our platform at its heart is but on the nuts and bolts of modern-day telecommunications.  This means VOIP, self-hosted chat servers, Twilio, programmable SMS, and much more.  Functionality that allows us to respond to your requests  quickly and allows everybody to tune in on their terms.  We make these connections happen as well as serve as a middleware to protect your privacy.

Through the lens of the “5 A’s” let’s take a look back to the Indeed job description and see how we can add value in these areas as an affordable Administration subscription service.  While any part-time Administrator would be hard-pressed to run the gamut and cover all the duties that go into such a broad function as Administration, there are certain things that we can do in flying colors.

While we won’t be managing your data, we can manage the clerical organization of the files, templates, scripts, and more that rule your data-driven life.  Things like cheap self-hosted cloud storage, project management tools for teams, lite-CRM, and more.

While we won’t be handling directly your records and reports, we can provide reminders and notifications for your most important deadlines.

We've been doing a lot of chalk art so our chalk is at easy access to make simple designs all the time. I like this simple thought and reminder that everything is going to be ok. We will make it through this.
Reminders on your terms. Automation at your disposal. Mick Haupt / Unsplash

We can certainly assist with scheduling meetings and events and you can even host these events on your own private servers.

While we don’t supervise your staff, we can certainly connect your staff in the ways that work best for you.  Integration is the name of the game, and we’ve got that covered in spades.  Whether it be through Microsoft Teams, Discord, Slack, Google this or Apple that, we can integrate your communications into the Administrators.Live communications network.

You can subscribe to Administrators.Live for less than a dollar a day, cancel anytime:

What sets us apart from other tech companies is that we are more personable. Businesses can't run on autopilot alone.

Start Your Own Business

We hope that you will try out the Administrators.Live You-as-a-Service offering.  Did you know that you can also onboard your own You-as-a-Service?  Less than a buck a day!

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Of all the things you can get for a buck a day, our open-source toolkit represents exceptional value. Alexander Grey / Unsplash

WorkMates.Live is spread across a vast swathe of the world wide Interwebs!  Our network comprises over 200+ “.Live” domains that are geared-up with all things we mentioned above.  And our network is growing, thanks to inspired folks like you.

Would you like to bestow upon the world the gifts that make you so special?  Start your own You-as-a-Service as a side gig.  As a way to pass the time by helping others.  As a way to gain a following.  To get some extra dough.  As a way to make an impact in the things that you know and do best.

And on your terms.  We are privacy-focused enterprise.  Each and every one of the WorkMates.Live sites adheres to some of the strictest data-sharing protocols in the market.  We are not in the business of making our customers the commodity.

We will never share your data with 3rd-parties. It's YOUR server! Kai Pilger / Unsplash

For less than a buck a day you can be in charge of YOU.  For less than a buck a day, you can get real-time access to an Administrator.  For less than a buck a day, you can take back your data privacy.

Stay tuned, we will show you how.  Please subscribe below and hit us up in real-time via chat anytime.

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