Sales is an art. Keeping your customers and clients happy is a necessity. And providing growth is the name of the game.

When you think of an effective Account Executive, you think confidence, somebody well-spoken, responsive, and who knows their product inside and out. The ability to entertain certainly doesn’t hurt.

Subscribing to professionals used to be out of reach for most. Dedicated assistants, virtual or otherwise, in any profession are usually expensive.

We have solved a lot of this pain by using EXCLUSIVELY open-source technology. We pass these cost savings onto you.

Why spend hundreds on SaaS apps you barely use. Christian Dubovan / Unsplash

We provide a thin but powerful telecommunications layer between you and your customers, your clients, your communities.

It’s all piped into a decentralized self-hosted network of professional “mom ‘n pop shops,” each experts in what they do, each backed up by a fully-featured chat server (and other self-hosted productivity tools) and even their own websites (SEO-optimized of course! A veritable new-age “Geocities for Professionals!”).

AccountExecutive.Live is one such website. We have over 200 others that operate in the same fashion within the broader WorkMates.Live network.

Before jumping into the weeds (which we are always happy to do!) let’s pose one of the most fundamental questions Account Executives might have: What does it mean to add value as an Account Executive?

Through knowledge and practice you gain confidence. Photo by Qijin Xu / Unsplash

Taking a few words from Indeed, a typical description for a Account Executive is one who is responsible for client accounts in such fields as marketing, information technology (IT) or advertising. Account executives are also known as account handlers and sometimes sales representatives. They serve as an important link between their agency and the client company because they handle the sales relationship between the two firms.

Typical duties might include:

  • Account executives create detailed business plans to reach their goals and quotas.
  • They manage the entire sales cycle from finding a potential client to securing a deal.
  • They will continue to work on getting new sales opportunities through networking and develop these opportunities into long-term partnerships.

From the duties listed above, it’s possible to dissect them to such a degree that we can identify certain value-add areas in which we are able to operate and provide our customers with a service worth the money. Of course you can cancel a monthly subscription at any time, but we really do aim to knock your socks off right out of the gate in the first month! How do we do that?

Every salesperson's dream. Photo by Dylan McLeod / Unsplash

We Grease the Wheels of Account Management through Open-source Technology.

We define our technology and guiding principles based on the “5 A’s,” which stand for accessibility, acuity, affordability, amiability, and attentiveness.

The 5 "A's" approach to sales.
Accessibility refers to providing equal opportunities to entrepreneurs to run their own You-as-a-Service as well as the service itself being accessible on the devices you’re most familiar and comfortable with (SMS, e-mail, voice, app).
Acuity refers to the knowledge and expertise that our Account Executives have.
Affordability refers both to the cost of the service we provide but also to the service itself. The staff at AccountExecutive.Live seeks to save you money on the things that you or your business needs in the area of sales management.
Amiability refers of course to our mission to always be pleasant and friendly. Our customers mean the world to us, YOU mean the world to us. Thanks for crossing our path!
Attentiveness refers to our ability to be responsive. Our platform at its heart is but on the nuts and bolts of modern-day telecommunications. This means VOIP, self-hosted chat servers, Twilio, programmable SMS, and much more. Functionality that allows us to respond to your requests quickly and allows everybody to tune in on their terms. We make these connections happen as well as serve as a middleware to protect your privacy.
This was taken at the London Science Museum on Level 2 the Information floor and is of a telecoms keypad
Telecom tools to elevate your sales game. James Orr / Unsplash

Twilio provides VOIP functionality through which any smart business can operate incredibly effectively. Here at AccountExecutive.Live, we got the goods in inter-connectivity.

The 5 "A’s"

Through the lens of the “5 A’s” let’s take a look back to the Indeed job description and see how we can add value in these areas as an affordable Account Executive subscription service.

While even a part-time Account Executive would be hard-pressed to run the gamut and cover all the duties that go into such a broad function as sales and account management, there are certain things that we can do in flying colors.

We can help you connect with your most important clients and prospects in the ways that work best for you (SMS, e-mail, web). We can provide referrals and leads to help you grow your business.

We provide a slick environment and an app for you to engage with your prospects on your terms.

You can even reply to text messages from within the app through your own VOIP number. We can connect your staff in the ways that work best for you. Integration is the name of the game, and we’ve got that covered in spades.

Even as a full-time employee, you and your coworkers can leverage AccountExecutive.Live for an added buff to your day-to-day sales arsenal. All for less than a round of lattes. Try out our service for free, cancel anytime.

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We hope that you will try out the AccountExecutive.Live You-as-a-Service offering. Did you know that you can also onboard your own You-as-a-Service? Less than a buck a day!

WorkMates.Live is spread across a vast swathe of the world wide Interwebs! Our network comprises over 200+ “.Live” domains that are geared-up with all things we mentioned above. And our network is growing thanks to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Would you like to share your gifts with the world and make some money at the same time? Maybe start your own You-as-a-Service as a side gig? As a way to pass the time by helping others? As a way to gain a following? To get some extra dough?? To generate leads for your existing business? Would you like to make an impact in the things that you know and do best?

Let me show you the way.

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We are privacy-focused enterprise. Each and every one of the WorkMates.Live sites adheres to some of the strictest data-sharing protocols in the market. We are not in the business of making our customers a commodity. This is probably the biggest benefit when operating in a decentralized manner like we do. It’s kind of like bringing the mom ‘n pop shop into the modern age!

For less than a buck a day you can be in charge of YOU. For less than a buck a day, you can switch on an incredible set of tools that will wow your customers and excite your audience.

Cash Money
The motherload of open-source apps for a buck a day. Kenny Eliason / Unsplash

For less than a buck a day, you can take back your data privacy, you can level up your game and seize new opportunities on your terms in our ever-growing interconnected digital world.

Stay tuned, we will show you how you can do you with You-as-a-Service. Please subscribe below and hit me up in real-time via chat anytime if you’d like to subscribe to my AccountExecutive.Live service.

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