All the things you need in one place.  It all starts with a dashboard and a dojo.

As a zookeeper in the animal sciences industry, my job involves taking care of a wide range of creatures with varying needs. Whether it's feeding, cleaning or providing medical care, my day-to-day tasks can become quite overwhelming. Fortunately, I've found a digital pal that has made my work a lot easier – my dashboard.

My dashboard is a customized tool that allows me to monitor and track animal activity, health and behavior. It's a powerful tool that has been developed using open-source technology, making it accessible and affordable for anyone who wants to use it.

With my dashboard, I can easily record and analyze animal data in real-time. For instance, I can keep track of the feeding habits of each animal, the frequency of their bathroom breaks, and their overall health status. This has helped me to identify any issues early and provide appropriate interventions, ultimately helping to improve the overall health of the animals.

Moreover, the dashboard has helped me to streamline communication with other zookeepers, vets and other staff members. We can easily share information and collaborate on tasks, such as administering medication, checking on sick animals, or updating the animal records. This has led to better coordination and improved efficiency in our work.

As a bonus, my dashboard has helped to keep me organized and focused. Instead of having to rely on paper records, spreadsheets or other cumbersome tools, I can easily access and update the information I need in one centralized location. This has given me more time to focus on the animals and less time spent on administrative tasks.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that open-source technology has revolutionized the animal sciences industry. It has made it possible for zookeepers like myself to use digital tools like dashboards to simplify our work, improve animal care and ultimately achieve better outcomes. If you're a zookeeper, I highly recommend you explore the potential of open-source technology and discover how it can help you work more efficiently and effectively.