Every dojo dishes it up using exclusively open-source technology.

As a clerk in the retail industry, you have probably noticed that the job involves a lot of different tasks. From assisting customers with their purchases to managing inventory and keeping track of sales data, there is always something to do.

One way to make your job easier is to use a dashboard. A dashboard is a visual display of key data and metrics that helps you quickly see what is going on in your store. The best clerks have dashboards because they help them stay organized and efficient.

But how can open-source technology help with this? Open-source technology is software that is freely available and can be modified by anyone. There are many open-source dashboard tools available that can be used to create a custom dashboard for your store.

For example, you could use a tool like Grafana to create a dashboard that shows real-time sales data, inventory levels, and customer traffic. You could also use a tool like Kibana to visualize data from your point-of-sale system or social media accounts.

By using open-source technology to create a dashboard, you can customize it to fit the specific needs of your store. You can also save time by automating data collection and visualization, which frees you up to focus on other tasks.

In addition, open-source technology is often more affordable than proprietary software. This means that you can create a dashboard for your store without breaking the bank.

So if you want to be a great clerk in the retail industry, consider using open-source technology to create a dashboard for your store. With a dashboard, you can stay on top of sales, inventory, and customer data, and improve your efficiency and productivity.