Every dojo has a dashboard that you can use to collect all the information that's important to you and link to it directly from the dashboard. Simple as that. A collection of bookmarks really. But there is power in its simplicity! Plant power!

As a botanist in the natural sciences industry, you probably already know that there's an incredible amount of information available on plants. From taxonomy to physiology, from ecology to genetics, the world of plants is vast and fascinating. However, keeping track of all that knowledge can be a challenge.

green potted plants on brown wooden seat
Photo by Ceyda Çiftci / Unsplash

That's where open-source technology can help. By harnessing the power of online collaboration, open-source platforms can help you access, organize, and share information about plants more easily than ever before.

For example, there are a number of open-source databases that collect information on plant species from all over the world. These databases can be used to look up everything from a plant's common name to its geographic range to its conservation status. Some even include detailed photos and videos to help you identify different species in the field.

green leafed bonsai tree against black background
Photo by Nagy Arnold / Unsplash

Other open-source tools can help you keep track of your own data. For example, if you're conducting experiments on plant growth, you might use an open-source data management system to track your results and share them with colleagues. This can help you spot patterns and identify trends in your data more quickly and easily.

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Finally, open-source platforms can also be used to connect with other botanists and plant enthusiasts around the world. Online forums, chat rooms, and social media groups can help you connect with like-minded people, share knowledge, and stay up-to-date on the latest research in your field.

So if you're a botanist looking to streamline your research and collaborate with others, open-source technology might be just what you need. By bringing all things plants together in one place, these platforms can help you take your work to the next level.