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Explore some of the best open-source tools for interpreters, developers, and the digitally woke folk!

  1. Moses - An open-source machine translation system for various languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, and more.
  2. GTranslate - A simple, open-source machine translation library for various languages.
  3. Translate Shell - A command-line interface for Google, Bing, Yandex, and other machine translation engines.
  4. TAUS Data API - A cloud-based machine translation API that supports many languages and file formats.
  5. - A lightweight, open-source library for language identification.
  6. PyTranslate - An open-source Python library for machine translation using Google Translate.
  7. Googletrans - A free and open-source Python library for translating text and web pages using Google Translate.
  8. Linguistico - A set of natural language processing tools including tokenization, tagging, and parsing for various languages.
  9. Language Tool - A style and grammar checker for various languages including English, German, French, and more.
  10. Apertium - An open-source rule-based machine translation platform for various languages.