Some of the best tools for supply-chain experts:

  1. SAP Ariba: A platform for digital procurement and supply-chain management, allowing companies to streamline their purchasing process and improve communication with suppliers.
  2. Oracle SCM Cloud: An enterprise-level supply-chain management solution that offers real-time visibility and control over logistics, inventory, and financials.
  3. Zoho Inventory: A cloud-based inventory management system that enables businesses to track stock levels, sales, and orders in real-time.
  4. TradeGecko: An inventory and order management platform for small to medium-sized businesses, with features such as barcode scanning, sales forecasting, and financial reporting.
  5. Supply Chain Digest: A website that offers news, analysis, and best practices for supply-chain professionals, covering topics such as logistics, procurement, and technology.
  6. SupplyChainBrain: A leading website that provides strategic and tactical information to supply-chain professionals, with a focus on technology and innovation.
  7. Supply Chain Management Review: A website that offers news, analysis, and research on supply-chain management, with a focus on best practices and emerging trends.
  8. Freightos: A platform that enables businesses to compare and book international shipping rates, with real-time pricing and tracking.
  9. Chainalytics: A supply-chain consulting firm that provides analytics-driven solutions to optimize supply-chain performance, such as inventory optimization and logistics planning.
  10. Supply Chain Movement: A website that provides insight and inspiration on the latest trends, developments and best practices in supply chain management.

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